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Australian owned family company that is GREAT and reducing red tape, improving effeciency and best of all we find SOLUTIONS TO YOUR PROBLEMS. Forget those that tell you why things cannot be done, we will work with you and solve problems.


Since 2002 customOZ has provided CREATIVE SOLUTIONS to customer needs and we have grown our services to include:


We act quickly, efficiently and creatively and services include:



IT, CCTV, Security, WiFi, Access Controls, Fibre Optic, Data, Networking, Automation, A/VU Audio Video Systems, Telecommunications

Landscaping: (including Highlands Local, Highlands Landscapes, and Berrima Sand and Soil)

Custom Concrete Edging, Landscaping, Turf, Synthetic Grass, Retaining Walls, Mulching, Rubbish Removals, Bulk Landscaping Supplies.


Fleet of Vehicles including many Heavy Rigid Tippers, Crew Tipper, Utes, Vans,  4WD’s Earthmoving equipment, Mine Spec Vehicles.

Mine Service:

De-silt works, Technical systems, Mine Spec Tipper Truck services, Security, Labour Hire.

Cheap Safety:

Bollards, speed humps, safety cones, traffic calming, barriers, PPE, Fire Equipment.

Wireless King:

WiFi, Access Points, Wireless Access Stations, Hotspots, Point to Point Links, Airfiber, Point to Multi Point links, Wireless ISP


In house aviation servicing for our clients that includes remote and regional services and supplies.


Hi Tech Security solutions and integration. Alarms, CCTV, WiFi, Access Controls, Intercoms, Help Points.

Major Events:

Site Prep, Labour Hire, Security Management, WiFi, Safety, Project Management


Boutique Sales and Distribution of products, including sAijem, CABAC, Axis, Ubiquity, etc.




Some of our past and/or present clients include, NSW Government, Dept of Planning, Police, BHP Mines, RIO Tinto Mines, New York University, Dept of Education, Beacon Lighting, REX Airlines, Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority, Rockwell Automation, AMP Control, Public Trustee,  AC McGrath, Akzo-Nobel, Cromfords, Bico Retail, Bosshard Medical, Brecon, Chiorino, Contours, CTM, CWM, Dancetime, Sydney Boats, Dooze, Ocohome, Elite Sports, Endota Day Spa, Excel Group, FG Services, Focus Uniforms, Freeway Sports, General Fasteners, GFS Performance, Golden Sun, Goulburn Power Centre, Hairhouse Warehouse, Holistic Flooring, Home Horizons, Interactive TV, IAE EDU, Jade Recruitment, Jones Nicolson, JV Holt, La Senza, Legend Hotel, Macair Airconditioning, Macro Developments, Marketing & Media Solutions, Marques Formwork, Mars Lounge, McCabe Lawyers, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Moorebank Auto, Motion Telecom, New Wave Airconditioning, Orica, Paediatric Dental Group, PILZ Automation, Premium Doors, Proflite, Sydney Aviation College, Rhino Shades, Smooth Curves, Stanton Plant Hire, Cheryl Christiansen & Associates, Raymar Business Service, Starr Constructions, Starting Blocks, Sydney Ground Transport, Sydney Paediactric Dentistry, Sydney Sea Planes, Tap Dance, San Marina, Chain Saw Mower Centre, United Parcel Service UPS, Village Ford, Western Scrap Metal, Where Finance, Wilma Sports, King Gee Totally Work Wear, World Connect, Wunda Automotive, and many, many more to name but a few.


Telco Services

customOZ Telco Services include:

  • Internet Services

    • Broadband
    • Telco Copper and Fiibre Cabling
    • Fibre Broadband
    • ADSL, ADSL2, ADSL2+
    • 3G
    • 4G
    • Network swtiches
    • Backup services and systems


  • Phone Services

    • PABX systems
    • VoIP systems
    • CAT5 cabling
    • CAT6 cabling
    • 3G
    • 4G
    • Network swtiches
    • Backup services and systems
    • 1300 numbers, smart numbers, word numbers
    • 1800 numbers, smart numbers, word numbers
    • 13 numbers, smart numbers, word numbers


  • Structured Cabling

    • Complete systems from backbone cabling, internal office cabling to the final commissioning of phones, networks and IT systems.

Past and Present clients and Projects completed include:

  • NSW Government

    • Supply and Install Fibre Optic backbone
    • WiFi for public
    • Secure Network links
    • UPS backup systems
  • Cross City Tunnel

    • Fibre Optic
    • Network cabling
    • WiFi cabling
  • New York University

    • Network cabling
    • IT Management
    • Onsite services
  • Merrylands Family Practice

    • IT Network cabling
    • VoIP services
    • 1300 services
  • Property Legals

    • VoIP services
    • IT Network cabling
  • REX Airlines

    • PABX phone systems
  • NSW Deptparment of Education

    • PABX phone systems
  • Bosshard Medical

    • Telco services


customOZ has over 10 years ( A DECADE) in Telco services and has been an expert author  for Telco systems for a long time. Our experience from start to finish is rare as we can manage the 1st steps of planning and procurement to the final steps of cabling and commissioning. ONE STOP SHOP.


CALL US NOW if you are after a solution in prompt time and efficient pricing. 

CCTV Closed Circuit TeleVision


CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) cameras are your eyes when you are not looking.  The application of this concept is wide and varied:

Public Safety CCTV

Public Safety CCTV

From a business perspective, CCTV cameras can be used to deter various misdemeanours in the workplace, provide evidence against false accusations and assists in protecting staff and property from potentially violent customers (if aware that they are being recorded).


customOZ is a specialist in the provision of  Safe City systems (primarily using Wireless, High Definition (HD) IP cameras) and have assisted government agencies with CCTV solutions which include interdepartmental links between Police and other Authorities such as Roads and Maritime. With a reputation for rapid deployment (in most cases less than 24 hours), customOZ is regularly called upon to supply and install these High Definition CCTV cameras in public spaces.


customOZ has the experience and expertise in the supply and installation of various high end alarms, access control systems, surveillance cameras and wireless solutions from government agencies and airports to small businesses.


Be it a modest scale or a large project, customOZ will deploy the right technology and the right systems to arrive at an outcome that is especially customise to your situation.

Major Event CCTV & WiFi


customOZ is a leader in major event Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) and WiFi.


For years we have assisted Government agencies and Private clients with CCTV and/or WiFi for MAJOR PUBLIC EVENTS in and around:


  • Darling Harbour
  • The Rocks
  • Circular Quay
  • King Street Wharf
  • Sydney Harbour Bridge
  • Traffic Management
  • Police Operations Centre
  • Government Co-ordination Centre


We are also experts in:


  • Suited to NRL, A-League, Soccer, ARL, AFL, Airport, Major Events, Concerts.
  • Real time CCTV covering very large areas with High Definition Cameras that assists with identification:
      • Assaults
      • Flares, Fireworks hazards
      • Bottles assaults
      • Violence
      • Fires
      • Bomb Threats


  • Rapid Deployment CCTV including mobile CCTV Command Vehicle.
  • Specialist IP High Definition Cameras Systems
  • Emergency & Critical Network Links
  • Point to Point (PtP) 50Mbps-1000Mbps
  • Point to Multi Point (PtMP) 50Mbps-1000Mbps


Wireless solutions for remote & local technologies and CCTV


Wireless solutions for remote & local technologies and CCTV


As wireless technology has improved, over 30% growth in solutions and services are anticipated due to improved capability to implement systems and technology. Wireless solutions enable very FAST setup for networks for an almost endless list of technologies. Wireless networks continue to strengthen your ability to resolve missing links and do much more than has ever been possible. This presentation will look at point to point (“PtP”) links, and point to multi point (“PtMP”) links, secure links, and public hotspots. 


  1. Point to Point (PtP)

  2. Point to Multi Point (PtMP) Wireless links

  3. Secure Links

  4. Public Hotspots

The Missing Link.

  • How many times have you thought, we cannot do this job as we cannot cable it?

  • Have you considered you will not get this job as the distance is too great for cabling?

  • Cost of connections from A to B to much? Imagine the cost to close roads and trench through them for cabling then roadworks to remediate your trenching.

  • Mining challenges been a problem?

  • Ever wondered how to link ships to ports?

  • How can trucks connect to site for CCTV and Data?

  • How could you link 2 carparks for remote control of gates or booms or payment processing?

1. Point to Point (PtP)

As the term suggests, this link is between 2 devices (also known as: radios, access points, stations, clients, master, slave, etc).

When creating a Wireless Network it is important to recognise that data is transferred and received from both Points so technically speaking for a PtP link it does not matter which Point is the Access Point/Master or which is the Station/Client.

Indirect PtP can also be established to get around obstacles. In these scenarios you would use 1 or more devices to extend the range or to get around obstacles.

2. Point to Multi Point (PtMP)

As the term suggests, these links are between 1 Access Point and multiple Stations/Clients.

PtMP are becoming extremely common for CCTV and other security systems and in many countries around the world they provide critical infrastructure links for instrumentation, private WiFi and Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISP).

3. Secure Links

Maintaining secure links is or should be critical in the design of all wireless links and several layers of security are possible in most devices including:

  • SSID Service Set Identifier is the name that a station/client uses to connect to an Access Point. Create vague SSID's that do not encourage access.

    • E.g: viruses, or spam, or just a number.

  • Hide your SSID. Out of sight out of mind. This is not 100% secure but is a good step.

  • White List connections, so that only users, or IP address or MAC addresses in your list can connect through link.

  • Monitor Rogue Access Points.

  • Use proprietary links that will only communicate with each other.

  • Change default username and passwords (e.g: admin/admin).

  • Avoid using port 80 for administration access.

  • Use frequency offset.

  • Use a Spectrum Analysis tool to select least used frequency.

  • Use encryptions like WPA2 AES.

  • Use strong passwords. Upper and lower case and numbers and characters.

  • Use VLAN's where practical.

  • Enable Firewall modes.

  • Adjust Output Power to minimum needed.

  • Lock to AP MAC address.

  • Check your client lists in Access Points.

  • Select non-standard IP ranges.

  • Limit user bandwidth.

The above options are available in well respected Access Points and Stations and as many as possible should be used when practical.

Notes: A strong user name and weak password is probably better than and common username and string password, BUT you should aim to have a strong username and strong password.

4. Public Hotspots

Public Access Wireless Networks are now common place in hotels, cafes, airports and in the workplace. In essence a Hotspot is a PtMP link that is connected to the internet.

Commercial Hotspots in places like hotels continue to grow revenue and in other spaces we see the introduction of free WiFi possible from advertising pages.

FREE WiFi Hotspots are now offered by many councils, cafe's, and airports.


With the use or combination of PtP and/or PtMP and/or Hotspots we expect growth of over 30% in the capability to implement systems and technology. Wireless solutions enable very FAST setup for networks for an almost endless list of technologies. Wireless networks continue to strengthen your ability to create missing links and do much more than has ever been possible.

We hope that this very short insight into Wireless basics will open your mind to the massive potential that exists to further your needs or solutions.



Heritage Management


customOz has the experience and expertise in the supply, installations and project management compliant with heritage preservation policies and standards.



Construction / Project Management



customOz has the experience and expertise in the end-to-end delivery of project management services whether it’s a refurbishment project or a new construction.   Our team will oversee all elements of the project from safety and compliance to installation of air-conditioning, access points, audio-visual and other interior design specifications.



Aviation Service



customOz is uniquely advantaged by our in-house aircraft and pilots which allows us to deliver end-to-end technical solutions to remote locations throughout Australia.





customOz can provide an end-to-end solution to your networking needs: from planning and design to supply and installation of relevant technologies (cabling, switches, routers, etc.) and provide the necessary technical support for your end-users.



IT Support


Be it a small business  or large enterprise, our technical team is available to provide your end-users with IT Support for a wide range technologies.  customOz recognises that every establishment’s needs and priorities are varied, and thus your IT support agreement will be especially customised accordingly.



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