Telco Services

customOZ Telco Services include:

  • Internet Services

    • Broadband
    • Telco Copper and Fiibre Cabling
    • Fibre Broadband
    • ADSL, ADSL2, ADSL2+
    • 3G
    • 4G
    • Network swtiches
    • Backup services and systems


  • Phone Services

    • PABX systems
    • VoIP systems
    • CAT5 cabling
    • CAT6 cabling
    • 3G
    • 4G
    • Network swtiches
    • Backup services and systems
    • 1300 numbers, smart numbers, word numbers
    • 1800 numbers, smart numbers, word numbers
    • 13 numbers, smart numbers, word numbers


  • Structured Cabling

    • Complete systems from backbone cabling, internal office cabling to the final commissioning of phones, networks and IT systems.

Past and Present clients and Projects completed include:

  • NSW Government

    • Supply and Install Fibre Optic backbone
    • WiFi for public
    • Secure Network links
    • UPS backup systems
  • Cross City Tunnel

    • Fibre Optic
    • Network cabling
    • WiFi cabling
  • New York University

    • Network cabling
    • IT Management
    • Onsite services
  • Merrylands Family Practice

    • IT Network cabling
    • VoIP services
    • 1300 services
  • Property Legals

    • VoIP services
    • IT Network cabling
  • REX Airlines

    • PABX phone systems
  • NSW Deptparment of Education

    • PABX phone systems
  • Bosshard Medical

    • Telco services


customOZ has over 10 years ( A DECADE) in Telco services and has been an expert author  for Telco systems for a long time. Our experience from start to finish is rare as we can manage the 1st steps of planning and procurement to the final steps of cabling and commissioning. ONE STOP SHOP.


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