CCTV Closed Circuit TeleVision


CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) cameras are your eyes when you are not looking.  The application of this concept is wide and varied:

Public Safety CCTV

Public Safety CCTV

From a business perspective, CCTV cameras can be used to deter various misdemeanours in the workplace, provide evidence against false accusations and assists in protecting staff and property from potentially violent customers (if aware that they are being recorded).


customOZ is a specialist in the provision of  Safe City systems (primarily using Wireless, High Definition (HD) IP cameras) and have assisted government agencies with CCTV solutions which include interdepartmental links between Police and other Authorities such as Roads and Maritime. With a reputation for rapid deployment (in most cases less than 24 hours), customOZ is regularly called upon to supply and install these High Definition CCTV cameras in public spaces.


customOZ has the experience and expertise in the supply and installation of various high end alarms, access control systems, surveillance cameras and wireless solutions from government agencies and airports to small businesses.


Be it a modest scale or a large project, customOZ will deploy the right technology and the right systems to arrive at an outcome that is especially customise to your situation.

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